Office Design: A Team Building Activity

Office Design: A Team Building Activity
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When it is time to renovate the office, don’t lose the opportunity to involve your employees in the planning and design process. After all, your employees will use the office furniture Indianapolis daily. Their happiness, health, and productivity depend on an environment suited to their work.

Gather a Committee to Select Furniture

Rather than assign the entire job of furniture selection to one person, ask a committee of employees to review options. Provide the committee with a budget and allow them to peruse catalogs from multiple vendors. The employees serving on the team will bond with each other over discussions of color swatches.

A team-based approach to office design prevents the tunnel vision perspective that can emerge from solo work. Employees can discuss how features will interact with their job functions. You may learn that the medical assistants in a doctor’s office prefers vinyl for easier compliance with infection control measures.

Sponsor a Contest to Design the Perfect Space

Ask employees to submit drawings of their ideal office space to a contest. Encourage a playful spirit by asking that drawings be completed in crayon or marker, not computer-assisted design programs. Hand out prizes for the most creative ideas.

Allow your furniture selection committee to review the contest entries. They may gain insight from common themes among the entries, or encounter a novel idea. 

Reach Out to Diverse Employee Groups

Employees with back pain and surgeries may have special needs for adjustable furniture. Elderly people have difficulty getting in and out of chairs that roll on casters. People with disabilities should also provide input.

In international companies, cultural norms may dictate seating arrangements. Some cultures prefer to eat meals on the floor.

Don’t allow a team lead to select office furniture and layout alone. Insist on a fun team-based approach that values input from diverse voices.

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