My Pay Stubs Are Handwritten and I Needed Printed Pay Stubs to Prove Income

About once a year I need to prove income for something. It is annoying in that I get a paycheck written by my dad. He has those small personal style checks and writes my withholding on a piece of paper. It is 100 percent accurate, but people that want me to prove my income do not want to accept it. They want a computer-generated pay stub. I found a way around it by using a pay stub maker online. I just find out how many pay stubs that the place wants to see from me, and then I put in the info my dad writes on the pieces of paper. The only difference is that now they are printed out instead of being handwritten.

It is a weird world we live in. People think that something printed on a computer is more authentic than something handwritten. Doesn’t it make sense that if someone hand wrote it that it would likely be more official and original? Well, the world does not see things that way. I get receipts from businesses that are printed on plain printer paper. Sure, they have a logo and amounts, but there is no identifying barcode or transaction number. They are so easy to fake. I get one from my doctor every time I give them a copay.

Receipts you get from stores have identifying codes on them that can pinpoint your transaction in the system and show exactly what you bought and paid. Things such as pay stubs could have any kind of information printed on them. I put in exactly what my handwritten stub says, so there is no defrauding or anything like that. It just has me wondering why something printed by a printer is considered to be so much more official than something handwritten and signed. I guess that is how we are trained to think nowadays.

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