I Finished My New Computer

I have just now gotten finished with my new computer. A guy from work helped me with the difficult part of putting it together, that is the part where you install the main board and put the central processing unit in it. After that it is not so difficult to build a computer, although it can be tricky for me since I have rather large hands and fingers. So it is tough for me to get my fingers in tight places. Right now I am working on my hotmail.com sign in and that sort of thing. I had the foresight to keep all of that sort of thing stored on the cloud, in my dropbox folder. So I just had to keep the password for it where I could find it and then I just copy pasted all of the usernames and passwords. I got a little paranoid about that for a bit, because I realized that there were a lot of things in that folder that could harm me if some hacker got in it.

At any rate this is a huge upgrade, it has been over five years since the last time I got a new computer and at that point it was a long way from a cutting edge machine. I was in college and my old computer was stolen, so I had to replace it with as cheaply as I could. So I just bought something inexpensive from the computer store near the post office. It is as easy as that, but obviously when you do that you are not going to get a good deal and the machine that you get is going to be inferior. When you build your own machine, that makes it a lot easier to get exactly what you want in a computer.

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