Google Webmaster Tools: A Step-By-Step Guide to Using & Benefiting From The Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools: How to Set-up, Use & Benefit From The Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) is an essential tool for websites to understand how Google crawls and sees a website. Google provides valuable tips for improving a website so they can better crawl and rank a website.

This video tutorial walks you through how to set-up, use and benefit from Google Webmaster Tools. If you’d like to jump ahead to a specific section, you can find the times here:

– Setting up your Google Webmaster Tools account(1:34)
– Overview of the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard (3:19)
– Managing your settings and preferences (4:31)
– Getting messages from Google (9:15)
– Search appearance section (12:56)
– Search traffic section (22:27)
– Google index section (33:30)
– Crawl section (38:30)
– Security issues section (44:37)

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