Free Traffic to Your Website – SEO With Manual Social Bookmarking ( This netted me $520 in 1 week )

In this video, I show you a basic search engine optimization technique you should use on ALL new content you publish to the internet – whether it be a YouTube video or your own affiliate site. you can see that the site is ALREADY getting organic SEO traffic!

Social Bookmark –

Long Tail Pro ( Keyword Tool) –

Niche Genetic ( Keyword Tool ) –

Content Creation ( Writers ) –

Social bookmarking is still a very valuable back linking method.

I social bookmark my sites on all the major social bookmarks because it does 3 things:

1 – it gets your blog posts, articles, and videos indexed and found by Google
2 – it gets your content social proof – it’s easier to get likes and shares from social media traffic, so it’s a great way to start the snowball. Google does rank your content based on the social clout of your content.
3 – you can get quality, targeted website visitors to your website. A lot of these people will turn into customers and subscribers because of their highly targeted nature.

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