An Apartment That Has All We Want

My husband and I could not agree on a house to buy when he was transferred to Shawnee, so we agreed that we would just look at Shawnee apartments for rent for the time being. We both wanted to make sure that the house we bought was one that we all liked, including our son and daughter. They are young right now, but in a few years, they will be teens. Because of that, we wanted to make sure they would be in a great school district as well. There was a lot to consider, so we just looked at apartments to live in for at least the next year.

I thought for sure that we would have the same battle with an apartment, but we surprisingly agreed on the one that we found at Shawnee Station. My husband liked it because we have our own garage here, and there are things included like a swimming pool, an amazing fitness gym, basketball and tennis courts, and so much more. I was happy that he and the kids would have lots to do while we are here, but there were other things that made this the ideal apartment in my eyes.

First off, we were able to find a three bedroom unit that is in a great school district. The apartments are huge, and they all have vaulted ceilings too. I will not have to use a shared laundry room because there are hookups right in the apartment, and all of the appliances are really nice too. There is a fireplace in the living room, and the master bedroom is huge with a walk in closet. The kids each have their own rooms, and they have a bathroom they can share too. This place is so nice that we may just end up staying here!

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Getting Our Roof Cleaned Was Easy

My husband and I bought a house in Bellevue not long ago. We knew that we were gong to have to do some work on it ourselves, but we did not mind. We were able to buy it at a really great price because of all the renovations that needed done, and it turned out that a major one was not so major after all. We thought that the roof was in really bad shape, mostly because of the amount of moss on it. We hired a company that does moss removal in Bellevue to come take a look at it, expecting the worst news.

We thought we were going to be told that the moss had already eaten through parts of the roof, which would mean that we would have to replace the entire roof. We had figured that into the price when we were negotiating the sale price, and the previous owner also thought that the roof was going to need to be replaced. When the moss removal crew came out, they were not surprised to see the amount of moss on the roof. They just got right to work examining it first.

They were looking for signs of damage to the roof first. They did this because if there was enough damage to where the roof needed to be replaced, then it would not make sense for us to go ahead and have them remove the moss when the roof was just going to come off anyway. We got some great news though. While the moss was definitely heavy and spreading, it had not done any major damage to the roof yet. Instead of paying a roofing company to put on a new roof, we just paid them to remove all the moss and clean the existing roof. It was a whole lot cheaper this way!

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My Pay Stubs Are Handwritten and I Needed Printed Pay Stubs to Prove Income

About once a year I need to prove income for something. It is annoying in that I get a paycheck written by my dad. He has those small personal style checks and writes my withholding on a piece of paper. It is 100 percent accurate, but people that want me to prove my income do not want to accept it. They want a computer-generated pay stub. I found a way around it by using a pay stub maker online. I just find out how many pay stubs that the place wants to see from me, and then I put in the info my dad writes on the pieces of paper. The only difference is that now they are printed out instead of being handwritten.

It is a weird world we live in. People think that something printed on a computer is more authentic than something handwritten. Doesn't it make sense that if someone hand wrote it that it would likely be more official and original? Well, the world does not see things that way. I get receipts from businesses that are printed on plain printer paper. Sure, they have a logo and amounts, but there is no identifying barcode or transaction number. They are so easy to fake. I get one from my doctor every time I give them a copay.

Receipts you get from stores have identifying codes on them that can pinpoint your transaction in the system and show exactly what you bought and paid. Things such as pay stubs could have any kind of information printed on them. I put in exactly what my handwritten stub says, so there is no defrauding or anything like that. It just has me wondering why something printed by a printer is considered to be so much more official than something handwritten and signed. I guess that is how we are trained to think nowadays.

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Apartment Living Has Its Freedom Side

I used to live in a van. Seriously. It was no big deal to me. Well, okay, it was a big deal at times. I did not like frequenting truck stops for showers, but it was cool having all of my stuff in a vehicle I could take anywhere. I could stealth camp pretty much anywhere. However, after a couple of years of that after college I met my bride to be. Then it was looking for apartments in Manchester CT. She went with me on a few trips out west, but I knew that marriage and children were in our future. That was what we both wanted. However, we did not want a 30 year mortgage.

We decided to do the safe thing for us and just rent, but we did want to live in a really nice place. I stay fit by working out with weights. She does racquetball, tennis and swimming. The apartments in Manchester CT we moved to has all of that stuff including lighted tennis courts. We chose a floor plan that left us room to expand our family by at least two. Not tying up a fortune in a mortgage also let us buy a nice motorhome for traveling to get us out of the van altogether. I gave it to my younger brother who is now just finishing college. He works in forestry and I work in geology. We both are outdoor types. My wife is too. She is a wildlife conservation specialist and works part time as an enforcement officer.

We like our nice apartment in Manchester. It has all the things we want. The kitchen is very well done. I learned gourmet cooking that I could do on the road in my van. Now I have a proper kitchen to work my culinary expertise in. We are enjoying life here and are expecting our first child now. Soon we will be headed out for long vacations traveling in our motorhome. We like a home base, but we like to go and check things out too.

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The Shop is Just About Ready

We spent a lot of time cleaning up this building and the piece of land it was on. In fact for some reason people seemed to have been dumping scrap metal on the lot and it was actually worth our time to haul it down to the junk yard on my trailer. We got the building cleaning up and then we put in the overhead trolleys for the chain hoists and the I hired a sheet metal punching service to help us with the ducts for the exhaust system and the safety guards for the machines. We finished that up this afternoon and now we have to put in the tanks for the dipping operations. We got those used and had new liners put in them, so they did not cost us half of what we thought that they were going to cost.

We already have John White come by to see how we are doing, he is going to provide us with enough business to keep the doors open and he is in a hurry to see us get started. Right now he is going to this guy who he can not stand, because the guy has a real problem with the truth. In fact he seems to lie impulsively even when it does not make any sense to do so. It has to be some sort of psychological thing, because simple logic dictates that you have to tell the truth at least some of the time, especially when you are dealing with one of your most important customers. He just says stuff and then it becomes obvious that it was not true in a big hurry. John White can not stand that, for one thing this sort of thing is just a great big waste of his time.

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Knowing How to Find the Best Price

Shopping around for the best deal is something I do best. Everyone knows that I know how to find the best price for anything, and they usually come to me for advice. Whenever someone needs to buy a major appliance, they'll ask me if I can get it for a better price elsewhere. One person even asked me where to find a car for the best price. I also know a thing or two about energy retailers. I have the lowest price for energy on the block and everyone asks me how I got it.

The secret to my low energy price isn't something that anyone else couldn't also do. All I had to do to find the lowest price for energy was to look on the Internet. Most people would be surprised at the amount of things they could find on the Internet if they just took a little time to look around. I don't have every bit of knowledge stored in my head, but I do know how to look around on certain websites to find the deals I need. Just about anything can be covered by the Internet, and the things that can, it just takes a little common sense to figure out.

I found one website that as a list of all the energy companies in my area, and even showed which ones where having deals for new customers. Because of this, I was able to move from one energy company to another until I settled on one that had the best rate of them all. I always tell people to look for the best, and if you can't find it initially, look for something that is within your range. More opportunities will open in the future and people can get better choices from an energy provider with time.

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