An Apartment That Has All We Want

My husband and I could not agree on a house to buy when he was transferred to Shawnee, so we agreed that we would just look at Shawnee apartments for rent for the time being. We both wanted to make sure that the house we bought was one that we all liked, including our son and daughter. They are young right now, but in a few years, they will be teens. Because of that, we wanted to make sure they would be in a great school district as well. There was a lot to consider, so we just looked at apartments to live in for at least the next year.

I thought for sure that we would have the same battle with an apartment, but we surprisingly agreed on the one that we found at Shawnee Station. My husband liked it because we have our own garage here, and there are things included like a swimming pool, an amazing fitness gym, basketball and tennis courts, and so much more. I was happy that he and the kids would have lots to do while we are here, but there were other things that made this the ideal apartment in my eyes.

First off, we were able to find a three bedroom unit that is in a great school district. The apartments are huge, and they all have vaulted ceilings too. I will not have to use a shared laundry room because there are hookups right in the apartment, and all of the appliances are really nice too. There is a fireplace in the living room, and the master bedroom is huge with a walk in closet. The kids each have their own rooms, and they have a bathroom they can share too. This place is so nice that we may just end up staying here!

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