Getting Our Roof Cleaned Was Easy

My husband and I bought a house in Bellevue not long ago. We knew that we were gong to have to do some work on it ourselves, but we did not mind. We were able to buy it at a really great price because of all the renovations that needed done, and it turned out that a major one was not so major after all. We thought that the roof was in really bad shape, mostly because of the amount of moss on it. We hired a company that does moss removal in Bellevue to come take a look at it, expecting the worst news.

We thought we were going to be told that the moss had already eaten through parts of the roof, which would mean that we would have to replace the entire roof. We had figured that into the price when we were negotiating the sale price, and the previous owner also thought that the roof was going to need to be replaced. When the moss removal crew came out, they were not surprised to see the amount of moss on the roof. They just got right to work examining it first.

They were looking for signs of damage to the roof first. They did this because if there was enough damage to where the roof needed to be replaced, then it would not make sense for us to go ahead and have them remove the moss when the roof was just going to come off anyway. We got some great news though. While the moss was definitely heavy and spreading, it had not done any major damage to the roof yet. Instead of paying a roofing company to put on a new roof, we just paid them to remove all the moss and clean the existing roof. It was a whole lot cheaper this way!

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