Apartment Living Has Its Freedom Side

I used to live in a van. Seriously. It was no big deal to me. Well, okay, it was a big deal at times. I did not like frequenting truck stops for showers, but it was cool having all of my stuff in a vehicle I could take anywhere. I could stealth camp pretty much anywhere. However, after a couple of years of that after college I met my bride to be. Then it was looking for apartments in Manchester CT. She went with me on a few trips out west, but I knew that marriage and children were in our future. That was what we both wanted. However, we did not want a 30 year mortgage.

We decided to do the safe thing for us and just rent, but we did want to live in a really nice place. I stay fit by working out with weights. She does racquetball, tennis and swimming. The apartments in Manchester CT we moved to has all of that stuff including lighted tennis courts. We chose a floor plan that left us room to expand our family by at least two. Not tying up a fortune in a mortgage also let us buy a nice motorhome for traveling to get us out of the van altogether. I gave it to my younger brother who is now just finishing college. He works in forestry and I work in geology. We both are outdoor types. My wife is too. She is a wildlife conservation specialist and works part time as an enforcement officer.

We like our nice apartment in Manchester. It has all the things we want. The kitchen is very well done. I learned gourmet cooking that I could do on the road in my van. Now I have a proper kitchen to work my culinary expertise in. We are enjoying life here and are expecting our first child now. Soon we will be headed out for long vacations traveling in our motorhome. We like a home base, but we like to go and check things out too.

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