The Shop is Just About Ready

We spent a lot of time cleaning up this building and the piece of land it was on. In fact for some reason people seemed to have been dumping scrap metal on the lot and it was actually worth our time to haul it down to the junk yard on my trailer. We got the building cleaning up and then we put in the overhead trolleys for the chain hoists and the I hired a sheet metal punching service to help us with the ducts for the exhaust system and the safety guards for the machines. We finished that up this afternoon and now we have to put in the tanks for the dipping operations. We got those used and had new liners put in them, so they did not cost us half of what we thought that they were going to cost.

We already have John White come by to see how we are doing, he is going to provide us with enough business to keep the doors open and he is in a hurry to see us get started. Right now he is going to this guy who he can not stand, because the guy has a real problem with the truth. In fact he seems to lie impulsively even when it does not make any sense to do so. It has to be some sort of psychological thing, because simple logic dictates that you have to tell the truth at least some of the time, especially when you are dealing with one of your most important customers. He just says stuff and then it becomes obvious that it was not true in a big hurry. John White can not stand that, for one thing this sort of thing is just a great big waste of his time.

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